Large glass bottles with corks

Bottles can be both practical and decorative. Perhaps you save attractive bottles once they are empty, or perhaps you collect bottles made especially to be displayed. Either way, they are a nice decorative touch in a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living-room. When placed on a window sill, sunlight passes through them, creating beautiful colored patterns in the room and changing its entire atmosphere. Not bad for a simple glass container.

I like these – somehow there’s something retro about them:
large glass bottles with corks
Large glass bottles with corks pictured:
Left: Large, Hand-blown Green Glass Bottle by Silicate Studio Home
Right: Spanish Recycled Glass Large Bulb Bottle with Cork 13.25″H 40oz Set / 2 by Traders and Company

Of course, decorative bottles can also be used to hold liquids. Some people like to keep their oils in such bottles.

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