Light blue trench coat

The trend has been toward more colorful coats lately, rather than the standard default beiges, greys and tans. This is good news, especially if you like to brighten up your look in spring and autumn. A light blue trench coat is a great way to illuminate your day even if it is cloudy or rainy outside. It keeps you protected from the elements, and looks great at the same time.

Here are two examples, both by Via Spiga. I just love the style of these. I have to check out more of their stuff!
light blue trench coat
Light blue trench coats pictured:
Left: Via Spiga Women’s Women’s Water-Resistant Single-Breasted Trench Coat, Paris blue
Right: Via Spiga Women’s Cropped Double Breasted Patent Rain Trench Coat, aqua

When it comes to trench coats, there are a few factors to consider before buying. First is the length. Although trench coats are usually long, they can also be short or three-quarter size. The long ones offer more protection from the elements, and so are more likely to keep your clothes dry and your legs a little bit warmer.

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