Light pink wool coat

Light pink is a color that was popular in the fifties. Because of this, it always has a retro appeal. On a winter coat, the effect can be even more pronounced, depending of course, on the cut of the garment. Some coat designers embrace this look, while others go for a more modern, contemporary cut. Either way, if you are looking for wool coat in pink, you will have fewer to choose from than if you went for a more standard coat color, but you should still be able to find something that will work for you.

Here are two examples – The 1veMoon model is definitely more stylish, but I’m not sure if many people could pull off that look. The J.Crew model is a safer bet if you ask me:
light pink wool coat
Light pink wool coats pictured:
Left: J.Crew Stadium-Cloth Duffle Knee Length Wool Jacket Coat
Right: 1veMoon Women’s Stylish Fur Decorated Laple Solid Color Detachable Versatile Wool and Blends Coat

If you wear neutral colors with your pink coat, there will be no danger of colors clashing.

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