Womens long puffer jackets

Puffer jackets are fashionable again, which is great because they are so warm. In fact, what makes them puffy is precisely what makes them warm. Those puffed out ridges or squares are full of insulating material. This design was originally purely functional, but over time the look of it has become in vogue, and now they are available in all sorts of great colors, some of them quite shiny!

Three examples – I love the purple one:
long puffer jackets
Womens long puffer jackets pictured:
Left: Columbia Sportswear Women’s Hexbreaker Long Down Jacket, quill
Middle: Womens’s Winter Fur Collar Duck Hooded Down Warm Coat Jackets Parka by Ebuy9
Right: RUI-LI Women’s Stylish Quilted Fitted Puffer Long Hooded Winter Down Jacket Parka, dark blue

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