Mens brown leather trench coat

The trench coat has really never gone out of style. Traditionally it is made of gabardine, and comes in beige or tan. But for a cooler look, you can get a leather trench coat. Not only does a leather trench look great, but it should also keep you warmer and give you better protection against the weather than a regular trench coat. The most popular colors for leather jackets and coats are black and brown, especially when it comes to men’s models.

Two examples – I find the one on the left just a bit too short:
mens brown leather trench coat
Mens brown leather trench coats pictured:
Left: BGSD Men’s New Zealand Lambskin Leather Military Trench Coat, dark brown
Right: San Diego Leather Factory Trench Coat Black or Dark Brown Italian Lambskin Leather Coat- made in the USA with custom fitting! Sizes 38-50, 40Long -48Long

All trench coats are long, but some are three-quarter length, while others go down to below the knee. Any longer than that, and it would considered a “duster”.  You should be careful when buying any leather garment, because the word leather is sometimes used very loosely.

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