Mens clamdiggers

Basically you could argue that clamdiggers are just another name for capri pants. They have legs that stop at the ankle, so that you can keep a little cooler and so that you can walk in shallow water without your pants getting wet. Some models feature a drawstring at the ankle. The advantage of this is that you can hike up the pant legs and tighten them to whatever length you want, turning them into shorts or swimming trunks, even.

Three nice pairs – these make me wish I was at the beach:
mens clamdiggers
Mens clamdiggers pictured:
Left: Stone Touch Men’s Military-Style Solid Cargo 19″ Capri shorts, black
Middle: Cubavera Men’s 3/4 Length Clamddiger Short, bright white
Right: Bottoms Out Men’s Knit Clam Digger, brick

Usually, you would wear sandals with these kinds of pants, but flat-soled sneakers worn with no socks would also look good, or you could go barefoot. Of course,these types of pants come in a variety of colors and fabrics. When it comes to summer-wear, light colors are usually more popular than dark ones.

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