Mens drawstring beach pants

For that casual, walking-on-the-beach look, you can’t beat a pair of white or beige linen pants. And if you get a pair that features a drawstring, you can adjust the waist so that it fits you perfectly. Of course the incorporation of a drawstring in a pair of pants means they will have a less fitted look, but this is why these types of pants are worn in more casual settings.

Here’s a version that looks a bit too shiny for my liking:
mens drawstring beach pants
Mens drawstring beach pants pictured: Perry Ellis Men’s Twill Drawstring Pant, color: natural linen

Beach pants, although they can look great, are first and foremost about comfort. That is why you can be a little forgiving when it comes to length. They can be a little long, to the point of having a small fold over the foot, but there is a limit: they should not be so long that you end up stepping onto them with your heel. The result of this would be that the bottom of the pant legs would get very dirty very quickly.

Four more examples – my favorite being the light blue one:
Mens drawstring beach pants - B
1 – Cubavera Men’s Yarn Dye Pinstripe Drawstring Pant, crimini
2 – Cubavera Men’s Drawstring Pant With Back Elastic, skyway
3 – Up.On Unisex Unisex Casual Lounging Pants From Thailand, dark blue & beige
4 – Cubavera Men’s Big Linen Blend Drawstring Pant With Elastic Waistband, Natural Linen, 5X

Although beige, white and cream are the standard colors that these pants come in, there are other colors available, as well as prints. Getting beach pants in a dark color may somewhat defeat the purpose, however.

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