Mens full length leather coat

When it comes to full-length leather coats for men, there are two basic kinds: The duster coat, and the Goth coat. The duster is associated with cowboys, while the Goth style coat is associated with the music, style and culture of the same name. A “full length” coat, at one time, would have meant one that goes down to the ankles, but since the Goth style emerged, it can now also mean a coat that almost touches the ground.

A couple of examples – a little too goth-y for me:
mens full length leather coat
Mens full length leather coats pictured:
Left: Unicorn London UNICORN Mens Gothic full length Real Leather coat Jacket Black #C4
Right: Unicorn London UNICORN Mens Neo Matrix full length Real Leather coat Jacket Black #M4

A duster is different in appearance than its Goth-styles counterpart. Dusters are often brown, belted, and they have a cowboy look to them.

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