Mens long black leather coat

Leather has that certain something… a certain quality that can’t be found in other fabrics. Use leather to make a long coat, and you have a very cool garment indeed. Of course, the length of a coat has a certain aesthetic appeal, but a long jacket is also very useful. A long coat protects most of your clothes from the rain, and it also helps keep you somewhat warmer, since it covers part of your legs.

Three coats that look pretty cool to me:
mens long black leather coat
Mens long black leather coats pictured:
Left: BGSD Men’s Classic New Zealand Lambskin Leather Walking Coat
Middle: Dona Michi Leather Men’s Long Trench coat Button /belted Black Genuine Soft Leather Jacket
Right: BGSD Men’s Classic Leather Long Trench Coat

Leather garments tend to have a casual look and feel. This is a bit ironic considering the high cost of genuine leather. Of course what you wear underneath the coat will make a huge difference. Paired with a dress shirt or a turtleneck, a leather coat can look somewhat dressy.

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