Long black leather coats for men

A long jacket can look quite striking, but there are other reasons to wear one, aside from style. These types of jackets protect your legs from wind and cold, as well as protecting your clothes – including your pant legs – from the rain. Leather is effective as protection from rain, depending how it is treated. And of course, it is a material that just plain looks good. Leather has got that special something that other fabrics just cannot match.

Here’s a nice model – although it would be better if it came with a belt, I think:
mens long black leather coat
Mens long black leather coat pictured: Simons Leather Men’s Full Length Leather Coat

Long leather coats are also sometimes called dusters, but those are usually brown, and are associated with cowboys. Then there are the goth-style coats that almost touch the ground, but they are not always made of leather, and have a very distinct style, related to a very specific culture. Be aware that long coats, no matter what fabric they are made from, are not considered a great thing to wear while driving. This is mainly because you will be basically sitting on your coat, which may restrict your movements and be uncomfortable. A short or medium-length coat may be more appropriate.

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