Mens long trench coats

The reasons trench coats are long does not necessarily have to do with fashion. There is a practical reason for them to be the size they are: the idea is to cover up as much of your clothes as possible, so that when it rains, your clothing is protected. The long coat has become a style, though, and it can be worn even if there is no rain, or even any chance of it. Perfect for the cooler, rainier seasons.

I’m not crazy about how wrinkly the one on the left is. I prefer the one on the right. As for the middle one – they really should have gotten a taller guy to model it.
Mens long trench coats:
mens long trench coats
Mens long trench coats pictured:
Left: Giovanni Navarre Genuine leather Trench Coat – Style GFTRM
Middle: Cianni Men’s Single Breasted Taupe Full Length All Year Round Raincoat
Right: Dona Michi Leather Men’s Long Trench coat Button /belted Black Genuine Soft Leather Jacket

Trench coats are usually made of cotton, but they can also be made of leather or fake leather. The advantage is a cooler look, but a long leather coat can be heavy. If you are going a short distance, this is not a problem.

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