Mens navy blue cargo pants

If you are like me, when you think of cargo pants, colors like beige and khaki come to mind. But these types of pants, like any other, come in a wide variety of colors, including navy blue. It’s a nice, masculine color that is neutral enough to pair with many others without the risk of clashing. Cargo pants usually feature extra pockets lower on the legs, so they are ideal for traveling, or for any casual activity.

Here are three examples – the first two are a bit plain, but I like the cut of the third one:
mens navy blue cargo pants
Mens navy blue cargo pants pictured:
Left: Cherokee Workwear Scrubs Unisex Stretch Cargo Pant
Middle: Carhartt Men’s Ripstop Multi-Cargo Scrub Pant
Right: Jet Lag Men’s MO-39-Oversized Cargo Pocket Pants

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