Mens navy blue trench coat

Dark colors, such as navy blue, have always been favorites of men. But for some reason, trench coats have traditionally be made in light colors such as beige and tan. If you need a trench coat but tend to prefer dark colors, it is possible to find them in black and navy blue. But color is just one of the many options you will have when picking a trench coat. Length, buttons, zippers, hoods and collar styles, are among the variables you will have to choose from.

I like all three of these:
mens navy blue trench coat
Mens navy blue trench coats pictured:
Left: Selected Men’s ‘Tribe’ Trenchcoat, dark navy
Middle: Ralph Lauren Black Label Men Trench Leather Slim Puffer Jacket Coat Navy Medium
Right: Diesel Men’s Jathen Trench Coat

Usually, trench coats are long. This is not just because of fashion or style.

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