Mens White Linen Beach Pants

There are times when a man wants to be relaxed and comfortable, but still look presentable. This can be the case at semi-formal garden parties, beach weddings, or any other outdoor celebration. Over the years, white or beige linen pants – comfortable and airy but still somewhat dressy – have become the perfect compromise between comfort and class. A must-have in any man’s closet.

Here’s a version I like that looks very “caj”:
mens white linen beach pants
Mens white linen beach pants pictured: Margaritaville Men’s Cabana Pant

When choosing beach pants, you’ll have to choose whether you want a pair with a drawstring or not. The advantage of a drawstring is that it makes it easy to find pants that fit – and that will keep on fitting- even if your waist size fluctuates. A drawstring also makes the pants even more casual – perfect for walks on the beach or for sitting on the patio or at a cafe – but less appropriate for more formal occasions. Then there is the length of the pant leg. Three-quarter length pants, sometimes called clamdiggers or capri pants are ideal for the beach – since the bottom of the pant legs are a good distance from the sand, they should not get dirty.

Three more examples – I like all three:
Mens white linen beach pants - 2
Mens white linen beach pants pictured:
Left: Cubavera Men’s 3/4 Length Clamddiger Short
Middle: Dockers Men’s Casual D2 Straight Fit Pant
Right: Cubavera Men’s Printed Linen Bled Capri Short

What kind of shirt should you wear with your beach pants? Tee shirts are always a good stand by, but for a bit more of a classy look, a dress shirt would be in order. Normally, a straight cut shirt would be good, since you probably will not be tucking it in your pants. As for shoes, black dress shoes are a bad choice. The contrast is too high both color-wise and style-wise. A light colored shoe is more appropriate, preferably made of canvas. Another option is to wear sandals, or light-colored sneakers. And try to avoid socks – especially dark socks – when wearing any kind of beach pants. Finally, remember that linen wrinkles easily, so expect to be ironing your linen pants often, maybe after every wear. You could always have them pressed professionally at the dry cleaner

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