Mesh wrestling singlet

If you like the look of a singlet, but feel that you want to expose more skin, a singlet made of mesh may be for you. That being said, some models of singlets, depending on their style, already show plenty of skin. Some singlets have very low neck lines, and some have very low sides, going way down to the hip. Some are so minimal, that they would be better described as mono-kinis or slings, rather than singlets.
The singlets made of the looser, bigger mesh would probably not withstand a wrestling match, nor are they meant to. They simply imitate the look of wrestling wear, and are meant to be worn by those who want to show off as much of their body as possible while still technically wearing something. Indeed, in those models made of loose, wide mesh, the singlet is basically see-through.
Made of mesh or not, the singlet is an iconic look that many find sexy. That is why you will find them in fabrics that leave very little to the imagination, and in models that expose a lot of skin. But let us not forget that most wrestling singlets are made for doing just that: wrestling. In this case the mesh used is not as loose, and it is not there for visual appeal. It is there to help you from getting too hot while playing sports. The holes in the fabric are meant to let sweat escape, keeping your body from getting overheated.

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