Microfiber underwear for men

There are many great-looking types of underwear for men, but for some of us, it is comfort that matters first and foremost. Because microfiber strands are so thin (thinner than silk, in fact) they feel extremely soft against the skin. And because it is made from synthetic fabrics, it does not need the special care that silk requires. Just avoid fabric softener and very hot dryers. Microfiber underwear dries very quickly anyway, so there is no need to put them in the dryer at all, in fact.

Here are a couple of pairs I like the look of:
microfiber underwear for men
Microfiber underwear for men pictured:
Left: Jockey Men’s Underwear Microfiber Performance Boxer Brief – 2 Pack
Right: Jockey Men’s Underwear Travel Microfiber Brief

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