Narrow cabinet with doors

We always seem to need more storage space, but we don’t always have much room to dedicate to it. Thankfully there are cabinets that are made to take up very little floor space. Narrow cabinets that can fit in tight spots – between the sink and the bath, for example – while still being tall enough to provide a good amount of storage. Perfect for small-ish items like facecloths, shampoos, soaps, and few rolls of toilet paper.

Here are four examples – the nicest being the black one, IMHO:
narrow cabinet with doors
Narrow cabinets with doors pictured:
1- Alessandria 14-5/8-inch Wide Linen Cabinet Furniture Solid Wood, Ivory Patina, Floor Mounted, Bathroom Storage Vanity Cabinet, Made in Spain (European Brand) by Hispania bath
2- Lakeside Tall Storage Cabinet by Furniture Creations
3- Winsome Alps Tall Cabinet with Glass Door and Drawer
4- 4D Concepts Storage Tower, White

The style of cabinet you pick should probably match the style of the room it will be placed in. In other words, you may want to stick with a modern-style cabinet in a room that has a contemporary decor, and a more traditional looking one in an older-style setting. If you will be placing the cabinet in a kitchen, you may want to get a model that features glass doors, so that you can see its contents at a glance. If, however the cabinet will be placed in a bathroom, you may want a solid door that hides your toiletries. For bathroom cabinets, make sure the legs of the unit can get wet without getting damaged. In the case of furniture with pressed wood legs, water can cause some problems. The pressed wood can act like a sort of sponge, and distort the shape of the legs, which can make the veneer crack.

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