Navy blue comforter sets – king

A navy blue bedspread gives a masculine touch to a bedroom. Indeed, it is a color associated with men, as many dark colors are. It is what they call a sober color, meaning it is not flashy and doesn’t jump out at you. If a blue is dark enough – like a navy blue – it can actually go well with some shades of brown. This means that it is fairly versatile when it comes to bedding: You can mix the colors of the sheets and comforter.

I like the checkered pattern of this one:
navy blue comforter sets king
Navy blue king comforter set pictured: King size Navy Coverlet 3pc set, Luxury Microfiber Checkered Quilt and Shams by Royal Hotel by Royal Hotel

Bedding can certainly be expensive, but not all the components of a bedding set need to be so costly. If you are comfortable on ordinary sheets, then there is no reason to pay extra for bedding that has a high tread count. You can then save on your sheets, and spend a bit more on the more noticeable components of bedding: the comforter and pillow shams. These are more than just things to cover up your bed, they are important elements in the overall look of your entire bedroom.

I like this model too:
Navy blue comforter sets - king - b
Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece Hotel Dobby Stripe Comforter Set, King, Navy Blue

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