One-Piece Underwear for Men

These days one-piece underwear may seem somehow old fashioned, but sometimes old ideas are the best. These days, men may still wear undershirts, which do help keep them warm, but what about the lower half of the body? Long johns work well since they cover up your legs and keep them warm, but one-piece underwear or union suits have an added advantage: they can be worn as pajamas or even as loungewear.

The classic one-piece colors – red and white. I like both, but red may be easier to keep clean:
one piece underwear for men
One piece underwear for men pictured:
Left: INDERA THERMALS Indera – Mens Long Sleeve Union Suit, Red, 865 19255 Regular, Big and Tall Sizes and Extra Sizes, red
Right: INDERA THERMALS Indera – Mens Big Long Sleeve Union Suit, 860 19258, white

The traditional color for union suits is red, (as seen sometimes in westerns) but white is also common, and some companies make them in several other colors. They are usually made of cotton. It’s important that underwear be comfortable, so the right fabric is crucial when choosing a union suit. It should be neither too thick nor too thin. Too thick could make the underwear uncomfortable and heavy, and too thin could mean that it will not keep you warm enough.

Here are 3 more examples – The camo one is pretty cool, I think:
One piece underwear for men - b
One piece underwear for men pictured above:
Left: Jockey Men’s Underwear Waffle Union Suit, red
Middle: Camping Thermal Underwear : OCTAVE Mens All In One Thermal Underwear / Union Suit, camping white
Right: Hanes Men`s X-TempTM Thermal Union Suit, camo

When choosing your one-piece underwear, you will have to decide whether you want the type with a “drop seat” or not. This is a flap which can let you go to the bathroom without removing the union suit. This can be very practical, especially considering that union suits have a lot of buttons to undo. On the other hand, if the flap is closed with buttons (some use a different system), you should make sure that they do not feel uncomfortable when sitting or lying down. If this is the case, it may be wiser to go for something with no butt-flap, and live with the fact that going to the bathroom will take longer. Some onesies for adults feature fanciful patterns, some have hoods, and some even are a bit like costumes, complete with animal ears. Some have feet, but these would fall under the category of “onesies” – adult versions of the baby garments. Some union suits are labeled as “thermal”. It’s nice to see the union suit making a comeback.

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