Orange bedding – twin

Adding orange to a room is a great way to liven it up while giving it a bit of “zing”. It is a color that gets noticed immediately and makes an impact. For a child’s room it can be perfect, since children tend to like bold colors. For an adult’s room, however, you may want to take a more subtle approach. This can be done by choosing a bedspread that is not entirely orange, or by avoiding orange in the rest of the room. You could also simply choose a pale or muted shade of orange, rather than a vibrant one. If you choose this latter option, you can still add touches of bright orange with throw pillows.

I love how retro this one looks:
orange bedding twin
Twin orange bedding pictured: Best Seller ‘Suecia’ Bedding Collection – Reversible Comforter and Sheet Set by Kitty4u

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