Orange queen sheets

We associate the color orange with sunshine, and that may be why this color can make such an impact on a room’s decor. This is true for carpeting and rugs, wallpaper or paint, upholstery, bed sheets and comforters. If you choose orange as the color for your sheets and intend on having a comforter or bedspread that matches them perfectly, you would be better off buying a complete bedding set in one shot, that way you will be sure that the colors match perfectly.

I like this shade of orange:
orange queen sheets
Orange queen sheets pictured: Rampage Solid Sheet Set, tangerine

Another way to go is to have orange sheets with a different color bedspread. That way there is no concern about different shades of orange matching perfectly or not. Brown or yellow could be a good choice, as they are colors that go well with orange.

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