Pink animal print bedding

When animal prints are in their natural colors – the ones that can be found in the wild – they lend an exotic flair to a room. But when they are in vibrant colors, they become just plain fun. That is why they are perfect for children’s rooms and teenager’s rooms. Kids are not afraid to decorate their space in bold colors like hot pink, and with fun patterns like zebra stripes and leopard or giraffe spots.

Here’s a model that uses over-sized leopard spots, which I think works very well:
pink animal print bedding
Pink animal print bedding pictured: Safari Girl Pink Leopard Ultra Soft Microfiber Comforter Sheet Set by Dream Factory

The most popular animal prints usually replicate the patterns and spots found on wild animals of the jungle, but the cow print pattern is popular too. And this doesn’t just apply to bedding. There are plenty of other decorative items that feature animal prints. Rugs, curtains, valances, chair and sofa covers and throw blankets for example. Of course, when it comes to busy patterns, you don’t want to overdo it. If you have animal print wallpaper on the walls, you probably don’t want anything else with a pattern in that room. But if you have a cheetah print lampshade for example, a few throw cushions or even a bedspread with the same pattern can work quite well.

The model below is too over-the-top for me, especially on a big bed:
Pink animal print bedding b
4Pc Hot Pink Zebra Print King Size 800 Collection Sheet Set Safari Animal Print Bedding by Qutain Linen

If you are opting for hot pink bedding, you could pair it up with green accents in the room. It should probably not be a neon green, as that might be too much.

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