Plastic corner shower caddy

When it comes to shower caddies, there are basically three types to choose from. The kind that sits on the bathroom floor, the kind that that hangs on the shower head, and the kind that is placed in the shower. Whichever one you choose should obviously be rust resistant, and for that reason plastic is a good choice. If you intend on keeping bars of soap on your caddy, try to remember to rinse it off often, as soap scum can accumulate on it over time.

I’m not crazy about the look of any of these, but they do look practical:
plastic corner shower caddy
Plastic corner shower caddies pictured:
Left: Zenith Bathtub and Shower Pole Caddy, White by ZPC Zenith Products Corporation
Middle: Axis 5.3″ x 27.6″ Bathroom Shelf by Better Bath
Right: Zenith Corner Bath and Shower Caddy, White by ZPC Zenith Products Corporation

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