Royal blue jumpsuits

Royal blue is a color that has a bit of formality to it. It can give an outfit an extra touch of class, it seems. And now that jumpsuits are more popular than ever, you can find them in that color, and in many different styles as well. If you are going for a semi-formal look, then you could consider going with a strapless or halter model. For a more casual look, you could go with something loose fitting, or a model with buttons – or even a zipper – down the front.

All royal blue, all different styles – I love the strapless one:
royal blue jumpsuits
Royal blue jumpsuits pictured:
1- sexy diva Women’s Multi Way Reversible Plunging Off One Shoulder Halter Jumpsuit
2- Kiwi Co. Women’s Alexa Solid Strapless Jumpsuit
3- Symphony Women Jumpsuit Halter Open Back Wide Leg Pants Long Sexy Sleeveless
4- GOJANE Rosalyn Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Royal blue tends to give a formal impression. It is after all, a color named after royalty. But the overall formality will depend on many other elements of the garment. A short jumpsuit – or romper – is less likely to be considered elegant, although some models do come very close. Jumpsuits made of linen will almost always be considered casual, partly due to that fabric’s tendency to wrinkle. Fabrics that have a bit of a shine to them however, tend to look more dressy. Several models have very long legs, sometimes even touching the floor. These may remind us of long gowns.

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