Rubber underwear for men

If you are into the rubber look, then you may want to go beyond shirts and pants, and get a pair of rubber underwear. Rubber boxers or briefs need the same care as any other type of rubber clothing. Also be aware that when it comes to rubber, quality matters. Avoid thin, cheap rubber as it can tear easily, and it will not have the same feel against the skin.

Rubber underwear for men examples:
TOMSUIT Black Latex Rubber Trunks Underwear Shorts with Crotch Zipper
NNW for Men Male Power Men’s Rubber Look Pouch Short Boxer Brief

Rubber-look underwear made of synthetic materials may have some advantages over real rubber. The most obvious one is price. Indeed, the manufacturing of these is simpler and less costly, and this is reflected in the price you pay. The other is that in some cases, the faux-rubber materials can be thinner than the real stuff. In the end what will matter most is how the material – cheap or not – feels on your body, and weather it fits well and looks good.

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