Silver wedding flip flops

You may not want to wear any type of flip flops during a wedding ceremony, even if they are silver. However, once the ceremony is over and the celebration begins, you can get out of those uncomfortable shoes and into a pair of flip flops. Getting out of heels and into a pair of sandals can really make an impact on how you feel, not only physically, but mentally as well. You immediately get into a better mood.

Here’s a pair that I think looks classy, without going too “blingy”:
silver wedding flip flops
Silver wedding flip flops pictured: Riverberry Women’s ‘S1260’ Rhinestone-detailed Flip Flops (More colors available)

Wedding flip flops are more comfortable to wear than heels when the time comes for dancing and socializing. Not everyone can be comfortable in heels for long periods, and thanks to this type of footwear, they only need to suffer for the length of the ceremony.

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