Small bathroom storage cabinets

There was a time when almost every washroom had a cabinet built-in under the sink. Lately, this has become less and less common. Stand-alone sinks are more popular now. Perhaps this is because sinks have much more attractive pedestal designs these days. Whatever the reason, this presents a problem: less storage space in the bathroom. So you may find yourself having to add a small cabinet to store various toiletries, cosmetics or cleaning products you’d like to keep out of sight.

Three examples – Black furniture would not work in my bathroom, but I like the wavy glass of the model in the middle:
small bathroom storage cabinets
Small bathroom storage cabinets pictured:
Left: Gifts & Decor Wood White Finish Home Decor Bathroom Storage Cabinet
Middle: Elegant Home Fashions Chesterfield Collection Floor Cabinet with Cupboard and Drawer, Espresso
Right: Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Floor Cabinet With Single Door, White

If you are getting a wooden cabinet, make sure the wood is sealed in some way. Humidity can easily accumulate in a bathroom, and this can affect wood. This is especially true of pressed wood, which can act like a sponge if it touches water. It then warps and expands, often cracking the veneer. Another thing to consider carefully is available space. Measure the space you have available, and then check the dimensions of the cabinet before you buy. Take into consideration the doors and drawers on the cabinet – make sure that you will be able to open them fully, without the sink, bath or toilet tank getting in the way. Of course you should also consider the style and color of the unit.

Another example – love this style!
Small bathroom storage cabinet - c
Small storage cabinets for bathroom pictured: Sauder Caraway Floor Cabinet, Soft White Finish

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