Small plastic basket

Small baskets, made of plastic or any other material, are the kind of things that have a ton of practical uses. For example, they can be used as drawer organizers, to help keep pens, pencils, paperclips or other office supplies in order. They can also be used in kitchen drawers and pantries, and also in the bathroom, on the counter or in the cabinet under the sink, in order to keep toiletries organized.

Here’s an example – I own several that are kind of like this:
small plastic basket
Small plastic baskets pictured: United Solutions Mini Plastic Storage Baskets, White, Set of 3

In the kitchen, these kind of containers can be out in a drawer to organize utensils, or in a cupboard in order to keep teas or soup packets in one place. They can also be placed on a table near the front door, as a handy place to keep keys and loose change. Since we are dealing with small baskets, it’s unlikely that they will be used to store anything very heavy.

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