Striped maternity shirt

There was a time when maternity clothing was functional, but drab. But this has changed in the last several years. Maternity shirts and pants are now available in fashionable and trendy styles. If you like the idea of wearing stripes while you are pregnant, you’ll be able to find a fairly wide variety of shirts – with long, mid-length or short sleeves, in several different colors, collar styles and sizes.

How cute is that first one on the left?! I love it:
striped maternity shirt
Striped maternity shirts pictured:
Left: Blue Peek-a-boo Peekaboo Peek a Boo Baby Peeking Funny Cute Maternity Shirt > SIZE SMALL by Cutsie Tootsie Apparel
Middle: PinkBlush Maternity Red White Striped Fitted Maternity Top
Right: Mommylicious Women’s Seamless Scoop Neck Maternity Top

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