Tall Narrow Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Bathrooms can be small and cramped, and that is why if you are looking to include any furniture that is not mounted to the wall, you may have to go with something that is narrow.  Something with the smallest footprint possible, so as to either fit the piece in a specific location, or to have more choice when it comes to placement. When you have to fit a piece of furniture between a sink and a bath for example, you may be dealing with less than 48 inches.

Three examples that look a bit dull – although I do like the frosted glass of the Lakeside model on the right:
tall narrow bathroom storage cabinet
Tall narrow bathroom storage cabinets pictured:
Left: 4D Concepts Bathroom Tower with Doors
Middle: Slim Storage Cabinet by LCL
Right: Lakeside Tall Storage Cabinet by Furniture Creations

Of course, the narrowness of a cabinet can also present some limitations: You simply will not be able to put anything very wide on its shelves. Bath products will be no problem, as well as facecloths and small towels. But bath towels will probably not fit. When you decide on where you will be placing it, make sure the cabinet’s doors can be open fully, so that you can gain access to its contents easily. This is not always easy in cramped quarters, and you may find doors or drawers hitting the sink, toilet or bath. You may have to live with that or consider placing the cabinet in another spot, or at a different angle.

A couple of examples with a bit more style, I think:
Tall narrow bathroom storage cabinet - b
Pictured above:
Left: Slone Linen Tower Color: Dark Espresso by Elegant Home Fashions
Right: Hampton Bay 15″w Standard Linen Storage Cabinet by Home Decorators Collection

Some cabinets are made to fit in a corner, which can be very handy in small spaces. The angled effect may also be more attractive. It is a good idea to think about what you will be placing in your cabinet before you pick one, that way you can determine what type you need. The taller the cabinet, the more storage it gives you. But don’t forget that tall furniture in small spaces can end up looking rather imposing. This is especially true if the furniture in question is dark in color. So if you go for a tall model in a small space, you may want to go for something white, ivory, or some other light color.

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