Teal chevron bedding

Teal is a bright, clean color that seems to put us in a good mood, perhaps because it is reminiscent of blue-green oceans. It is a color that brings to mind freshness and cleanliness, and for that reason it is very appropriate for linens – both towels and bedding. Since it is a mixture of green and light blue, it is a color that will go well with those very colors, as well as white and beige.

I like this one because it’s a variation on the chevron pattern:
Teal chevron bedding - B
Teal chevron bedding pictured: DENY Designs Heather Dutton Weathered Chevron Duvet Cover

The chevron pattern, like the regular stripe pattern, is a good way to introduce a color to a room without the risk of overdoing it. The color will only cover, say, fifty percent of the bedding’s surface, while the the half will usually be of a neutral color. But the chevron pattern does something that regular horizontal or vertical stripes can’t: It provides a break from straight angles, not only on the bedding it is printed on, but in the entire room, by providing diagonal angles. This can give a room a little pizazz. No wonder the pattern tends to be popular with young adults and teens. They’re never afraid to shake things up decor-wise.

I’m not sure if I like the color combo of this one, though:
Teal chevron bedding - c
Pictured above: Gray White Yellow Turquoise Chevron Zig Zag Twin Comforter and Sham (2 PC) Bedding Set by LB

What you want to avoid when using teal in your decor are colors that will clash with it. Bright red for example, may not work when paired with teal. A good rule of thumb for matching colors is to stick to colors that have the same luminance on the gray scale – Or that reflect the same amount of light. You may be considering teal for a bedroom that will have, or already has, a beach theme. If this is the case, think of other colors found at the beach as a possible palette: light blues and beiges should work very well. Another way to add a touch of teal to a room is with throw pillows, small rugs, valances or curtains, framed art or even wallpaper. These are all relatively inexpensive when compared with repainting, wallpapering, or installing wall-to-wall carpeting.

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