Under-bed shoe storage on wheels

During the winter month, you may want to store your summer footwear – sandals, canvas shoes or sneakers – out of the way until you need them again. You could throw them in the back of your closet, but one way that is more convenient and kinder to your shoes is to place them in low basket or container that has wheels. If this container is low enough, it can be wheeled under your bed, so that your footwear is out of the way, but still easy to get at.

Here are two examples – I like that they’re made of wood:
Under bed shoe storage on wheels - b
Under-bed shoe storage on wheels pictured:
Top: (2) Underbed Storage Drawers by Room Doc’s Platform Beds
Bottom: Pine Platform Bed Storage Drawers – Free Standing – Solid Wood by Room Doctor Storage

If you get a basket-style container or a see-through plastic one, they will give an extra advantage: You will be able to see their contents without having to pull them out and open them. The baskets also have another advantage: they let your shoes air out, rather than seal in odors like a closed container would. Either way, we are dealing with a fairly simple product: a low box with wheels. Still there are things to look for, quality-wise, when picking a shoe storage box. The basket types are sometimes made of very thin metal or plastic, and start to buckle under too much weight. If you have a lot of footwear to store, then you may want to get a big rolling box, made of wood.

A wire model that I don’t like as much, but is probably less expensive:
under bed shoe storage on wheels
Under bed shoe storage on wheels pictured: Storage White Wire Underbed Cart, 6.5″Hx24″W, WHITE by Home Decorators Collection

The other thing to consider is the quality of the wheels, and how well they are mounted to the box. They are the most likely part to break, especially if the container is overloaded.

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