Wall mounted bathroom storage cabinets

Why pick a wall-mounted unit rather than a floor standing model in a bathroom? For one thing, they take up no floor space at all. So if your bathroom happens to be small and short on space, wall mounting a cabinet could be ideal. Sometimes the wall is the only option: There may be no other space available. But the reason to a wall-mounted cabinet can also be purely aesthetic: they simply look nice above a toilet or towel bar.

Here are a couple of nice examples – I love the square knobs on the Sanibel model:
wall mounted bathroom storage cabinets
Wall mounted bathroom storage cabinets pictured:
Left: Sarah Wall-Mounted Bathroom Storage Cabinet in Espresso by Wyndham Collection
Right: Zenith Products 9718DWA Sanibel Wall Cabinet, Distressed White

The downside of anything that is wall mounted is the fact that there will installation involved. With something basic and light like a shelf, this is usually pretty easy. But cabinets are heavier, and they can require more work to put up securely. How old your house is and how the walls were constructed will have an impact on how easily wall mounting can be achieved. The worst is when you are dealing with the kind of wall that crumbles the second a screw or a nail is inserted into it. If this is the case, you will have to take extra steps and precautions when mounting the unit to the wall.

Another example – a basic model that would be too small for my needs:
Wall mounted bathroom storage cabinets - b2
Zenith Products E9615W Classic Hartford Wall Cabinet, White

Wall mounted cabinets are not very deep, and so you can only store fairly small items in them. It is a space ideal for toiletries and facecloths for example. Don’t expect to be able to fit in bath towels. You’ll need a linen cabinet for that. As to what color you should get, it of course depends on the color-scheme of the room. Espresso furniture is very popular these days, but it may not be right for your bathroom. Only pick dark colors if your bathroom is fairly large.

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