White bathroom storage cabinets

A lot of bathrooms are mainly white – the bath, sink and walls – and that makes sense, since we tend to like our washrooms bright. Unless you have a large bathroom, dark colors like espresso and black can make a small space look smaller, since these colors absorb light. White, however, reflects light, which helps give the illusion that the room is more spacious.

I like all three of these models, my favorite being the Sauder with its touch of black:
White bathroom storage cabinets - 2
White bathroom storage cabinets pictured:
Left: Sauder Bath Caraway Collection Linen Tower
Middle: Lakeside Tall Storage Cabinet by Furniture Creations
Right: Wood White Glass Door Bathroom Linen Storage Cabinet by Furniture Creations

There are three basic types of cabinets designed for the bathroom: free-standing, over-the-toilet, and wall-mounted. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of a floor-standing model is that there is no installation required. It is also the kind that is likely to give you the most storage space. The disadvantage is that it takes up the most floor space. In a small bathroom, it can be difficult or even impossible to fit in a large cabinet, and so you have to opt for a narrow model. The advantage of an over-the-toilet floor-standing model is that it takes up almost no floor space at all. Then there are wall-mounted models, which, by definition, you will need to mount, and depending on how handy you are, and on the material the wall is made of, it may be something you want to avoid.

Another example – I love the knobs on this one:
White bathroom storage cabinet - c
White bathroom storage cabinet pictured: Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Collection Shelved Wall Cabinet, White

The best way to choose a cabinet is to first figure out what you want to store in it. If it is solely for small items, then a narrow unit, a wall-mounted cabinet or an over-the-toilet model should do just fine. If you intend to store bath towels, though, you will find that you need something wider or deeper. Whatever model you choose, make sure that once placed in its proper spot, any doors the unit may have can be opened fully.

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