White linen strapless jumpsuit

In order for an ideal summer garment like a jumpsuit to be even more ideal, it can be made strapless. That way, you have even less fabric on your body, and your shoulders can be fully exposed to the air and the sun. It can be casual, or dressed up a bit by wearing some jewelry. Necklaces in particular, when worn with strapless dresses, shirts or jumpsuits can have a stunning effect.

Here’s a plus-size version – casual but not too much so, I don’t think:
white linen strapless jumpsuit
White linen strapless jumpsuit pictured: Ashley Stewart Women’s Plus Size Linen Self-tie Strapless Jumpsuit White 14

Strapless rompers have always been very common, but now jumpsuits are following the trend. The lack of straps seems to instantly give the jumpsuit a more dressy look. You will have plenty of features to choose from. You can choose from different leg sizes, belted models, different fabrics, prints and colors, etc… Some fabrics tend to be associated with more casual styles: denim or cotton for example, as well as linen. Perhaps the reason that linen is used for casual wear is because it tends to wrinkle easily. Linen is a fabric usually worn in the summer, so it should fit right in with strapless and white garments, which also tend to be summer-wear.

Another version I find nice too:
White linen strapless jumpsuit - b
Young Fabulous & Broke Women’s Jil Strapless Jumpsuit

The type of shoes to wear will depend somewhat on the jumpsuit’s leg style. A very long leg can hide your shoes, and so they may hardly be seen. But a capri leg ends up putting more emphasis on your footwear. Strappy shoes and sandals that show a lot of your foot are probably ideal. Of course, when you wear the jumpsuit at home, on the patio or the garden, feel free to wear any shoes your are comfortable in. Whenever wearing any type of white garment, you have to be careful not to get it dirty.

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