White long summer dresses

One of the great things about summer is the ability to wear thinner, more comfortable clothes. Clothes that just make us feel good and free. A white dress is ideal for summer, because white reflects all the colors of the spectrum, and thus helps keep you cool. How long a dress you want is just a question of your own personal taste. Available in long sleeves, short sleeves, straps or strapless models.

Here are three examples in three different styles that I find attractive:
white long summer dresses
White long summer dresses pictured:
Left: Calvin Klein Women’s Crossback Pleated Dress
Middle: Wet Seal Women’s Belted High-low Lace Dress
Right: Ashley Stewart Women’s Plus Size Ruched Peasant Dress

Of course, as with any white garment, your dress will could get dirty more easily than a dress of a darker color.

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