Wide leg jumpsuits for women

There are two reasons to opt for a jumpsuit that features wide, palazzo-like legs: One is style, and the other comfort. Whatever reason you choose, you should be able to find a model that looks great and fits well, since so many are available. These types of jumpsuits are unique because of their leg style, but you will need to decide on what style you want for the top half: It’s important to know what type of sleeves and collars you prefer.

I picked these out, because I think they all look fabulous:
wide leg jumpsuits for women
Wide leg jumpsuits for women pictured:
1 – Three Dots Women’s Strapless Wide Leg Jumpsuit, night iris
2 – XOXO Juniors Ruffle Collar Tab Shoulder Jumpsuit, jade
3 – Maxchic Women’s Boat Neck Sleeveless Stretch Pleated Wide Leg Jumpsuit X09030D13C, blue
4 – GUESS by Marciano Heidi Jumpsuit, bright coral

You’ll have plenty of choices: long and shorts sleeves, halter tops, and strapless just to name a few. As for the neck, you may choose between a scoop or a V-neck, among others.

Once you’ve made that choice, there is also the question of how wide a leg you want. Some are more like bell-bottoms, while others, like some in the palazzo style, are so wide that the jumpsuit could be mistaken for a dress. The latter style is usually suitable for more formal occasions, since they can resemble a gown. Make sure you know how long a leg you want as well. Some can be so long that they touch the floor, hiding your shoes. Be aware of this if you intend on showing off your footwear. Others have capri-style legs. In this case your choice of footwear is far more important.

Another beautiful version, I think:
Wide leg jumpsuits for women - c
Arden B. Women’s Wide Leg V-Neck Tank Jumpsuit

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