Womens chinos

For those days you want to wear pants, but don’t want to be too dressy, chinos are a good choice. They have a casual but clean look that is suitable for most non-formal situations and activities. Traditionally, chinos tend to be light in color: they are usually found in beige, tan, or cream. These are perfect for summer, since light colors reflect light, and thus keep you cooler. To make your chinos last longer, follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

A few examples – the pleated version by Pendleton is my fave:
womens chinos
Womens chinos pictured:
Left: Aeropostale Womens Khakis Chinos Casual Pants – Style 2028, dark st
Middle: Pendleton Women’s Everyday Chino, Oxford tan twill
Right: Horny Toad Women’s Kickstand Chino Pant, rhino

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