Womens Drawstring Linen Pants

When I think of linen pants, I think of comfort, because they are light and airy. Perfect to wear on a casual summer day. They are a “must-have”, since they always fit (thanks to the drawstring) and the colors they tend to come in (tan, white, grey, beige…) go with almost anything. An ideal choice for a relaxed day or evening that still lets you look stylish. When it comes to choosing a pair of linen pants, there are a few options you may want to consider. The width of the leg, the length of the leg, and the color. We are dealing with casual clothing here, and so a relaxed fit is the norm. Some slight wrinkling is acceptable, since linen tends to wrinkle very quickly and easily.

Three examples – I love the stripes on the one on the right:
womens drawstring linen pants
Womens drawstring linen pants pictured:
Left: Wet Seal Women’s Beaded Drawstring Linen Pant
Middle: Michael Stars Women’s Linen Drawstring Pant, toast
Right: Roxy Juniors Ocean Side Pant, Dress Blue Stripe

Length-wise, the pants don’t have to fit perfectly either. That being said, however, avoid getting pants that are so long that you actually step on them with your heels. When this is the case, the bottoms of the pant legs get very dirty very quickly, and even worse, in time, they will begin to tear apart. Remember that you are likely to wear sandals or even go barefoot¬† with these types of pants. This means that you may want to go for a somewhat shorter pant length. A safe way to go is to opt for capris or “ankle pants”. Some pants even have a drawstring at the ankle,giving you the best of both worlds: You can leave them down, or tie them up at the desired height depending on your footwear.

I like the color of this pair:
Womens drawstring linen pants - c
Pictured: High Style Women’s 2 Button Wide Leg 100% linen pants with drawstring waist

The standard colors for linen clothing – be it pants, shirts or jackets –¬† are beiges, tans, ivories and whites, but lately more and more colors have become available, as well as patterns and prints. Be aware that linen tends to wrinkle easily. This, in fact has become part of the fashionable look of of the fabric. Be careful with the drawstring. You don’t want to lose one end in the fold of the waist.

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