Womens long raincoats

The reason raincoats are long is not just a question of style. The longer a coat is, the more it protects the clothes worn underneath it. If you wear very high boots, this may not be an issue, but otherwise, the extra length keeps your pants dry, as well as your legs themselves, and it keeps you warmer as well. These types of coats are available in a variety of fabrics and colors, some with hoods and/or belts, some not.

Check out these examples – all very nice IMHO:
womens long raincoats
Womens long raincoats pictured:
1- Shaynecoat Raincoat for Woman Silver
2- Jessica London Women’s Plus Size Long Hooded Raincoat, putty/black
3- London Fog Women’s Long Trench Coat with Hood, khaki
4- Mycra Pac Long Donatella Women’s Fashion Travel Raincoat, bronze/black

The standard color for trench coats is beige. But lately, more colors have become available, like black, brown, and some vibrant colors as well. Trench coats are often referred to as raincoats and vice-versa, but there are some important differences between them; the main one being that a raincoat should be made of a slick fabric that will not absorb any water. This is not always the case with trench coats. Surprisingly, they can absorb a fair amount of water and get quite heavy because of this. Raincoats can be made of plastic or rubber materials. These are probably the best materials for repelling water, but they have their disadvantages too.

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