Womens long swim shorts

Long-legged swimsuits are probably more popular as men’s swimwear. But it is a style that is slowly being adopted by women as well. For women, they are available in bright, bold colors and patterns that are ideal for a day at the beach or at the pool. These types of shorts usually have a drawstring at the waist. Models with elastic waists are less common, but can still be found.

Three examples – I especially like the one on the left. I’m not usually a big fan of plaid, but these look great:
womens long swim shorts
Womens long swim shorts pictured:
Left: Girls4Sport Snag Free Boardshort Long, preppy pink
Middle: JAG Women’s Solid Swim Long Board Shorts, navy
Right: Kanu Surf Women’s Marina Board Shorts, raspberry

There are reasons other than fashion why you may want to wear long swim shorts. You may simply want to show less skin out of modesty. You may want to protect more of your skin from the sun’s rays. Whatever the reason, there will be plenty of choices available to you in terms of color and/or patterns.

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