Womens plus-size denim overalls

Overalls are strictly casual garments. Practical and comfortable. And since they are adjustable, they are a bit more forgiving in terms of fit. They were very popular in the seventies, but fashion being cyclical, they come back in style every so often. Just like jeans, they are available in several leg styles: skinny, straight or relaxed to name a few, and several different shades of blue, as well as other colors.

I don’t think overalls are in fashion these days, but they still look pretty good to me:
womens plus size denim overalls
Womens plus size denim overalls pictured:
Left: Dickies Women’s Plus-Size Relaxed Fit Denim Bib Overall Jeans, blue
Middle: Judy Blue JB8540 – High Waist Plus Size Acid Wash Ripped Denim Jumper Skinny Overall, washed dark blue
Right: Dickies Women’s Plus-Size Denim Bib Overall, medium stonewash

And just like jeans, they are available in different “treatments”. They may be stoned-washed, acid-washed, or even distressed or pre-ripped. For the most part, these are not form-fitting garments. Traditionally, they are worn for comfort and practicality.

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