Womens winter maxi coats

There are two reasons to get a long winter coat. One is practical: the longer the coat, the better it should protect you from the wind and cold, and therefore, the more it will keep you warm. The second reason is purely about style. The long cut of these coats can give the illusion of elongating your body, so if you like the idea of seeming taller, this could be a good choice of coat this winter.

Here are three examples – the one in the middle being the only true maxi, I think:
womens winter maxi coats
Womens winter maxi coats pictured:
1- French Connection Women’s Maxi Fit And Flare Coat, black
2- ZenB Hot Womens Wool Maxi Jacket Winter Cashmere Dress Overcoat Gray
3- ZenB Hot Womens Maxi Jacket Winter Cashmere Hooded Coat Long Parka, black

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