Womens yellow rain slicker

Yellow is the classic color for rain coats. Perhaps this is because it is easy to see, even when it is pouring rain. Whatever the reason, the yellow raincoat is iconic and never out of fashion. These come in different lengths, from three-quarter length to long trench coat-like models that go down to the ankle. The idea of this latter style is not just a question of fashion. They are meant to protect your clothes from the rain from top to bottom.

Here’s a model I find very cute:
womens yellow rain slicker
Womens yellow rain slicker pictured: Helly Hansen Women’s Kirkwall Rain Coat

Oddly, some coats that are sold as raincoats absorb water. This is why you should look for a raincoat that is made with a rubber or plastic-like material. These are sometimes called slickers because of their slick surface. They are often yellow, perhaps because it is a color that is very visible, even in bad weather.

Pictured above: 1- bestfur Lightweight EVA Easy Carry Poncho Wind Hooded Raincoat 2- RAIN SLICKS Women's Classic Look Raincoat Hooded Plaid Lined Waterproof Jacket 3-Meta-U ColorDrip Women's Eco-friendly EVA Fashion Translucent Raincoat 4- Vcansion Women's Lightweight Packable Poncho Wind Hooded Raincoat Coat 5- Kolon Sport Women's Light Rain Protection Trench Coat
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