Wooden folding tray tables

There’s something fun and comfortable about eating a meal in front of the TV. But, of course, what not so fun is trying to balance a plate on your lap without spilling anything. And resting your plate on a low coffee table is hardly any better. You end up having to bend over, which is no way to enjoy a meal, and it probably doesn’t help digestion. A small table that has the right height makes all the difference. It lets you enjoy your meal, without worrying about spillage and without having to bend too much.

Two models I find pretty nice:
wooden folding tray tables
Wooden folding tray tables pictured:
Left: Wood Folding Tray by Unique Home Decor
Right: Lipper International Individual TV Table With Lip, Bamboo

These “TV tables” are almost always collapsible, so they can easily be folded up and stashed away between meals. There was a time when these tables were almost always made of cheap, thin metal trays, often with flowers painted on them.

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