Zig zag corner wall shelf

Corner shelving comes in several different forms. The one that arguably uses space most efficiently is a shelf that is mounted on the wall, leaving the floor under it free. Of course it means that you will have to mount the shelf, but this should be relatively easy. A fun and original style of shelf is the zig-zag type. The backing for every tier alternates from the left to the right wall, resulting in a funky look that a traditional shelf just can’t match.

Love these – I want one!
zig zag corner wall shelf
Zig-zag corner wall shelves pictured:
Left: Nexxt FN01460-4 Provo Series White Corner Mounted Accent Shelf
Middle: Purple Corner Wall Shelf 3 Tier Shelves by Cbearbedding
Right: 4D Concepts Hanging Corner Storage

One of the effects of such a shelf on your room’s decor is that it will break up what might be very regular straight lines.

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